EP s​.​t. (2016)

by Bleak Mountain

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released December 23, 2016

Recorded at Dying Lizard / Longboard Studio Hamburg
Mastered at Tonmeisterei



all rights reserved


Bleak Mountain Hamburg, Germany

Claas (vocals)
Florian (guitar)
Roman (guitar)
Helge (bass)
Maike (drums)

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Track Name: Abuse
the gears are turning
unholy machinery of oppression
oiled with the torment of the weak

eyes gouged out
severed tongues
corrupt law enforcement makes a whore of Justitia

kingdoms are built on the bones of martyrs
theocracies, where tyrants worship death and themselves
to hoard wealth and power
to die naked in the end

those who live by the sword
will die by it
those who reign by terror
will find no sleep
those who murder the peacemakers
are left behind with war

this is not a call for blood
but a cry for relief
the meek shall inherit the earth

i will be the wrench that falls into the works
for now the gears are turning
but the meek shall overcome
Track Name: Hostility
i can smell the stench of fire and blood
of paranoia and pride

hold your breath
the corruption of animosity lingers in the air

charity has fallen victim to a false idea of superiority
hatred celebrated as a virtue
disrespect for human life disguised as defence

and so they begin to learn war
they hammer their ploughshares into swords
they dig their trenches and build their walls
they gather their torches

those who drink the poison of hate
wither away as they exhale contempt

bind my hands
may they never tie a noose
may they never shed blood

and as they begin to learn war
as they hammer their ploughshares into swords
i hunger and thirst for peace